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Opportunities. That is what we strive to provide with the DR Investment Properties partnership network for we believe in teamwork. The only one to be able to hold the entire world on their shoulders was Atlas, and even for him it was hard and he was a mythological super man ! Unless you are an entity such as Atlas (from mythology), the world will crush you if you try to do what he did by himself. However, as a team, we CAN be like Atlas !

So, what can we do together ?

Client Representation

  • Tenant and Buyer client representation - Through our real estate brokerage Radiant New Horizon Homes LLC, we can represent you in the purchasing and/or leasing of properties (including lease with purchase option and/or contract for deed/owner financing/installment option transactions). Whatever type of investing you are doing or wish to do, we can help. From property location to showings to negotiations and contracts to closings (those are our specialty), we can be there for you. We also have financing options, inspectors, attorneys and more available. We can help you get those great deals, get on our Buyer's List today !
  • Landlord and Seller client representation - Through Radiant New Horizon Homes LLC, we can help you get your investment properties leased, leased with purchase option and/or sold ! Radiant New Horizon Homes LLC, together with DR Investment Properties, provide our own independent marketing systems. We find and tap into marketing "live wires" for the end justifies the means and closing deals is our specialty ! If you have properties you may want to list with us (or do an off-market transaction with DR Investment Properties), please take a moment to fill out a Property Information form.

Agents and Partners

  • Sales Agents - We are looking for Sales Agents for Radiant New Horizon Homes LLC. Commission splits start @ 50 % (with raises available). In addition to being a Sales Agent, can also be a joint venture partner with DR Investment Properties on investment transactions (see below). Real estate salesperson license required to be a Sales Agent.
  • Joint Venture Partners - We are also looking for joint venture partners to work with DR Investment Properties on investment transactions. Because in these transactions we are not representing any parties other than ourselves and no commissions are involved, a real estate salesperson license is not required. Compensation is similar to that of a Sales Agent except instead of a commission split, it is a profit split.

If you are experienced, spectacular ! We can become stronger together. If you are a newly licensed agent or a "rookie" real estate investor, we can help. We can provide training and educational resources for we know the importance of investing in people ! We help you to "learn the ropes" so we can help each other in closing more deals and making more money !

If you are interested in being a Sales Agent for Radiant New Horizon Homes LLC or Joint Venture Partner with DR Investment Properties, please fill out an Employment Application.

One final note, DR Investment Properties is DR Investprop, Inc., an S-Corporation. Periodically, we offer stock issuances. This opens up another opportunity - to become a share holder of DR Investment Properties ! As a shareholder, any time we make money (stock goes up), you make money too !

For more information about any of our investment opportunities,