Rent-To-Own America


Often, the "roadblock" to becoming a homeowner, whether you are a first time home buyer or otherwise, is a credit issue. As such, many choose to "Rent-To-Own" for credit reasons. For in a "Rent-To-Own", its not how good your credit is today that qualifies you (as it is when buying outright) but instead, how good your credit COULD be by the end of the lease/option term. Go here for more information regarding the Qualification process.

Here at Rent-To-Own America, we want you to be able to own that 'Ideal Home' that you may dream of. So, we assist you in every step of the process, from finding the home, to getting you in the home and also in obtaining the financing (including resolving any credit issues) so you CAN own your 'Ideal Home'. We can refer you to one of our credit issue specialist lenders ("Dr. I's 'golden needle in a haystack' " lenders - see Financing or CONTACT US for more information) to see if you pre-approve for a mortgage so you can buy the home.


2 solutions: A lease with purchase option and credit restoration.

For Rent-To-Own America is all about being able to get that'Ideal Home' now ! No more renting and then having to move because you'd already be in the home that you wish to own. So, if you don't pre-appove for a mortgage, all is not lost for we can help you get your credit right to own that 'Ideal Home'. And not just only that either but also improving your credit and financial situation in many other ways too.

(space)Clean Slate Google Facebook comic

We would like to remind you that not every thought needs to be shared :-) or as it turns out : Posted or Tweeted. This is because lenders and other credit analysts are trending towards using your social media as data for determining your credit score and other risk factors for timely repayment.

Example, is there mention of job loss or complaints about work? How about posting about being "wasted"? Party talk? Have your friends defaulted on loans? This will negatively impact you.

"It turns out humans are really good at knowing who is trustworthy and reliable in their community," said Jeff Stewart, a co-founder and CEO of Lenddo. "What's new is that we're now able to measure through massive computing power."

The power, reach and scrutiny of Facebook and other giant data collecting is un-nerving. Our advice? Use discretion when posting. No drunk texting or posting is always good advice. Once it is on the web, it is public data.

So, if you are ready to solidify your credit and fortify your financial future ...